Brianna decides against an abortion, and Claire is very relieved

Jamie says he’s had word out all over the Cape Fear valley as far as New Bern and Edenton and even into Virginia and Charleston

One day with still no word about Roger Wakefield, Brianna walks in on Ian and her mother discussing how it was Uncle Jamie’s idea to have Ian propose marriage to his cousin. She rushes to find her father and demands to know why he put Ian up to such a thing. They get into a great fight, him saying he’s thought of every eligible bachelor in the county before settling on Ian and is furious that Brianna would rather shame herself by bearing a child without a husband. He tells her if she won’t have Ian, then choose someone herself. She says if she can’t have Roger, she’ll have no one. She calls her father a bastard, and he says she’s the one with a fatherless child in her belly and that the people will call her a whore to her face. The fight continues until the two storm off.

Claire suggests Brianna draw Roger, and she does

During dinner, the two ignore each other and after Brianna noisily works the spinning wheel to annoy Jamie, who goes outside with Claire. When he returns he apologizes to his daughter and says he was wrong. She says it’s all right and apologizes in return. She says she knows he meant well, but she has to wait for Roger. Jamie points out he might have met with an accident or something and Bree insists if he were dead, she’d know.

Jamie gets the idea to draw up a broadsheet, and he’ll take it immediately to Wilmington to be printed and that Ian and the boys will distribute it up and down the coast from Charleston to Jamestown. He asks her for a description of Roger and when she tells him, Ian looks up surprised. Ian looks like a pig on a spit over a fire and Jamie has the same expression. Ian asks Brianna if the man in the sketch is Roger Wakefield. Brianna wants to know what’s wrong with him. Jamie asks if Roger has another name, and Brianna tells him Roger was adopted and MacKenzie is his original family name.

Jamie admits that Lizzie had told him and Ian that a man named MacKenzie was asking for Brianna, and that she had seen him before and was the man who had gotten her with child. Ian and Lizzie had summoned Jamie and Ian, and he had waited until MacKenzie came asking for her. Brianna demands to know what they did with him. Claire asks Jamie if they killed him, and he says they gave him to the Iroquois Indians.

Ian tries to comfort his cousin, saying they didn’t kill Roger, although they did mean to, and he’d even had his pistol pressed against his head, but didn’t pull the trigger because he felt it was Jamie’s right to kill him. Claire tells Ian that Brianna doesn’t need to hear this, and she insists she does; she wants to know everything. She asks her father why, and he said he meant to kill him, but stopped Ian because it seemed too easy a death. payday loans in AL He walked away to think about what to do, that it seemed better Roger was conscious when they killed him, but he was afraid he’d start talking again, and Jamie couldn’t bear to hear what he had to say again. Brianna asks what he said, and Ian calmly tells her that Roger claimed she invited him to her bed and wanted him to take her virginity.