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Wedding you can find six qualified bachelors and six bachelorettes that are eligible.

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Wedding is an element in Stardew Valley. Same-sex wedding is present.

To marry somebody, you need to raise their friendship degree to 10 giving them their liked or gifts that are loved also have actually offered them a bouquet (and this can be purchased at Pierre’s shop). You need to get a Mermaid Pendant through the Old Mariner. Home needs to be upgraded one or more times before he will allow you to buy it. After that you can supply the pendant into the person you would like and additionally they shall prepare the marriage, requesting three days to take action.

You, say new things, and help you out on the farm when you marry, your spouse will move in with

Each wedding candidate has some dialogue that is unique so that your experience is going to be somewhat various based on whom you marry. Additionally, some spouses that have essential jobs continues to get into work and town after marriage.

Your partner will lose their gift also limit and gain two more hearts. They have a chance to give you a Stardrop if you get your spouse up to 13 hearts (one heart higher than the limit.

Partners might help with farm chores such as for example:

  • Watering plants
  • Feeding livestock
  • Making dinner and breakfast
  • Fixing fences

One break fast is Pancakes, which provides you a +2 buff to Foraging for 12 mins. Various breakfasts could possibly be produced later on.

Nevertheless, partners could become unhappy or even addressed well, that will bring about unwelcome actions, such as for example laying during intercourse for hours and saying things that are irritating. In case the partner is pleased, they might follow or provide delivery to a young child.

Your better half could also be cranky whilst walking through a residence that includes way too many designs, showing that their walking pattern will be obstructed.

Spousal delight and behavior are currently erratic. There have been most likely attempts to make each various according to characters and might nevertheless have yet to be finalized. Most of the player may do currently is speak to them before you reach a kiss/embrace movement every day. Perhaps you are in a position to keep in touch with them more later on into the time nevertheless the embrace/kiss motion just yields one heart each day, implying the gamer has made their partner delighted .


If your partner is pleased, you may have kids using them.

  • In the event that you want to have children if you are in an opposite-sex couple, your partner might ask you. You will have a child 14 days later if you say yes.
  • In the event that you come in a same-sex couple, your lover might ask you if you would like follow a young child. In the event that you state yes, an infant will get to the center of the 14 days later night.
  • You really must have a farmhouse upgraded at the very least twice (this is how your property gets a crib) before your lover might recommend having kids.
  • Refusing to own kids does not influence the connection at all. (Unconfirmed)
  • You can easily alter kids into doves completely using the Dark Shrine of Selfishness during the Witch’s Hut, in return for a shard that is prismatic.


After engaged and getting married, you may divorce your lover for 50,000g at Mayor Lewis’s home.

This step may be canceled before 10 PM (whenever Lewis locks their door). After breakup, your spouse’s «title» will ay(ex now). You simply cannot marry this individual once again, unless you cause them to forget they ever had been hitched for your requirements, using the Dark Shrine of Memory that is based in the Witch’s Hut. For those who have any kids, they are going to stick to you during the farmhouse.


Once you give another bachelor or bachelorette a present, your partner that is current may jealous. They will make inquiries in what you’re doing, and they’re going to become unhappy. (Unconfirmed)